Our Cores values.

  • Passion: Ever passionate, Powerful and compelling in all that we do.
  • Team work: Always with Combined actions for effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Intergrity: Always with a quality of honesty and strong moral principles.
  • Professional Rigor: Always use individual team Capacity to reach our Set goals.
  • Accountability: Always stand responsible to all that we do.
  • Non Discrimination: We always treat people fairly irrespective of their characteristics.

Our Objectives

  • To advocate, promote and defend for universal access to sexual and reproductive health services and rights for the Priority and Key Affected populations at the community grass root levels in Uganda.
  • To sensitize and offer legal aid to the Priority and Key Affected population groups from the grass root communities about / whose sexual and reproductive health rights have been violated.
  • To sensitize the Priority and Key Affected Population groups on both local and international laws and policies on sexual reproductive health rights in order to promote a culture of respect.