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COHERINET’s “Aunt KAKI” Sexual Reproductive Health

In our Ugandan tradition, Aunts are meant to be well versed with basic sexual reproduction health information therefore picking it up from that cultural background Aunt KAKI is offering basic information on sexual reproductive health services and rights, referrals to the mapped friendly health centres and legal aid service providers.

Aunt KAKI is aiming at increasing the availability of life-saving sexual reproductive health information on safe, equitable, pleasurable sexual life and not limited to comprehensive abortion care and legal aid referrals.

Through Aunt KAKI helpline, people from the community grass root levels are offered reliable and accurate information to bridge the gap of accessing reliable and friendly sexual reproductive health rights services which have been always a challenge in the grass-root communities of Uganda.

The toll-free helpline call centre is providing non-judgmental and clear information about the choices available to women of reproductive age from the Priority and Key Affected Populations groups from the community grass root levels.

Aunt KAKI Helpline is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week live counselling and a referral option herb on sexual reproductive health rights information in English, Luganda, Runyankole, Luo and Swahili offering information to our target groups aiming at empowering and enabling more and more grass-root women or men of reproductive age in Uganda to make safe and healthy choices for themselves minus being forced or blindfolded in their decisions making.

Aunt KAKI Helpline simply provides information, referrals, counselling and resources to enable women/ men and young people to act in their OWN best interests on issues related to their sexual reproductive health decision making.

Toll-free Help Line

Aunt KAKI Helpline is a 24/7 live counselling