Expanding Community Activism Around Safe Abortion In Uganda.


Over a period of 4 years, since 2017, through ECASAU project with financial support and guidance from SAAF,  COHERINET  strengthened the capacity of 30 community based abortion service providers from 15 facilities in 3 districts with an aim of bridging the gaps.

This has also been achieved by increasing the access to knowledge and information to  vulnerable and marginalized women plus girls concerning abortion through outreaches and door to door sessions to help them make informed and accurate choices.

And because Abortion is highly stigmatized due to majorly beliefs and norms which hinder women and girls from accessing information in regard to abortion and its services,  COHERINET has increased  access to  reliable, timely, and accurate information and referrals for services through the established AUNT KAKI SRHR toll free helpline which covers about 5 local languages.

Engagements with religious, cultural and local leaders in the abortion VCAT sessions to help them understand that abortion is a health care issue and not a murder case in this way creating a safe stigma free environment for vulnerable women and girls.

A safe space coded Drop In Centre (DIC) has been established to offer comprehensive abortion care and post abortion care services to the Marginalized women and girls.

Funded by Safe Abortion Action Fund (SAAF)

 Mobilizing Grassroot Communities To Reduce Maternal Mortality(MOGRASCOM) 

COHERINET focuses to contribute to improved Sexual Reproductive Health Rights of women, men, and girls in  Uganda by increasing access to contraceptives and other Sexual Reproductive Health services.

The project is implemented to provide integrated SRHR services with a greater emphasis on the short, long and permanent methods of Family Planning through provision of these services in the various grassroot communities in Uganda

This model brings services to populations with limited access through service provider capacity building, facility equipment, community linkage by VHTs and Community Peers, engagement of stakeholders and management of data quality.

Funded by Bergstrom Foundation