Ensuring Sexual Reproduction Health Rights for the vulnerable & marginalized at the community Grassroot levels in Uganda

If you’re experiencing any kind of community Health related problems.

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I am Musa Yiga – Director of COHERINET.

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I am proud to introduce COHERINET, a passionate and dedicated organization that stands at the forefront of community rights health initiatives. Our mission is clear: we unite communities to promote better sexual reproductive health. By joining hands with us, you become part of a movement that strives for effective change, ensuring equal access to vital services. Together, we envision a healthier and more informed tomorrow for all. Let's make a difference together!

Musa Yiga – Director


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About Us

COHERINET is an NGO that was established in November 2013

Empowering Uganda's vulnerable through alliances with organizations, health workers, and institutions. We advocate, advance, and defend sexual reproductive health rights.

Service Delivery

Empowering communities with accessible family planning and sexual reproductive health services for all ages.


We strive for an inclusive environment where marginalized women and girls enjoy their reproductive health rights.

Knowledge Management

Closing the gap in access to reliable Sexual Reproductive Health Rights information—our commitment to bridge it.

Youth and Adolescents

Empowering vulnerable youth with support for Sexual Reproductive Health Rights—our mission is clear.


At the heart of our mission in Uganda: advancing, promoting, and defending health rights, including sexual reproductive health, for grassroots communities.

Program Offerings

Empowering health rights for Uganda's vulnerable through alliances. Advocating, advancing, and defending reproductive health rights.

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Services and Rights Information

COHERINET’s “Aunt KAKI” Sexual Reproductive Health

Aunt KAKI is aiming at increasing the availability of life-saving sexual reproductive health information on safe, equitable, pleasurable sexual life and not limited to comprehensive abortion care and legal aid referrals.

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COHERINET is a life changer, having a team with magical skills for helping people with reproductive health issues has paved away for a great positive impact.

~ Charles Rhoades


The Process

Empowering Health, Uniting Hearts: Our Community's Rights...

Together, we build a healthier, inclusive tomorrow. Our services ensure that every individual, regardless of their background, can enjoy their fundamental right to access reliable information and essential healthcare.

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